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XXXI International Music Course

Enjoy the concerts and the international music course from 1 to 5 July.

These will be the concerts to be given in the assembly hall of the City of Benidorm:

  • On July 1th, 2019 at 22:00h.

Héctor Buigues (Trumpet) Winner of the XX Benidorm Music Competition and Silvia Ferre Marí (piano)

  • On July 2th, 2019 at 22:00h.

Ángel Sanzo (Piano) Adam Delgado (trumpet), Pepe Gallego (Piano)

  • On July 3th, 2019 at 22:00h.

End of the XXI Benidorm Music Contest, speciality cello.

  • On July 4th , 2019 at 22:00h.

Concert in charge of the students of the Course.

  • On July 5th , 2019 at 21:30h.

Michal Dmochowski (cello), Graham Jackson (piano), Jean Denis Michat (saxophone) and Stefanos Spanopoulos (piano) and the winner of the XXI Benidorm Music Competition. Closing of the Course.

Remember that there is also a XXI Benidorm Music Competition, if you want more information here.




 XXXI International Music Course

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