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Now Benidorm

Smartphone and Tablet APP

App BENIDORM Iphone:
App BENIDORM Android:

Benidorm APP is the new Smartphone and Tablet APP which the town now uses as a means of offering a completed tourist and leisure guide thank to the efforts of the Visit Benidorm Tourist Board.

This APP shows all the places of interest in the town such as a complete guide to the comercial shopping areas which is useful for locals and tourists alike.

A strong point of this APP it is available offline which allows user to explore and use all the information with out internet access. This make this service easy to use and of course free.

This APP is available for Iphone, Ipad, Smartphones, Android (mdpi, hdpi, xhdpi) and tablets Android 7” y 10”.

BenidormApp Users will be able to find a complete list of events to enable them to plan their complete holiday.

“What to do”, “Where to go”, “Where to eat”,everything will be at your finger tip. It will also include things such as “Where to sleep”, “promotions”, “shopping”, whatever you want to do the App will help you in the easiest and most efficient  way possible.

This service will also act as a locator for businesses such as chemists and the transport network. You will be able to identify bus stops routes, timetables and prices.

The App will offers local businesses the opportunity to publicise their details which will in turn allow them to interact with the APP and the users.

App BENIDORM Iphone:
App BENIDORM Android:


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